Denise Washkansky

Denise Washkansky, one of our MBSR facilitators

Denise Washkansky is a registered clinical psychologist, life coach and mindfulness teacher. She consults from her practice in the City Bowl where she works therapeutically with adults and facilitates Mindfulness programmes. Her approach draws on various theoretical models including psychodynamic psychotherapy, process work, emotionally focussed therapy and Advaita.

Denise was introduced to meditation about 25 years ago and since then meditation and mindfulness have become foundational in both her work and personal life. She was trained as a mindfulness facilitator in New York in 2009 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme. 


Debbie Grusd

Debbie Grusd, one of our MBSR facilitators

Debbie Grusd is a registered Physiotherapist, Watsu Aquatic Therapist and TRE Practitioner. She works in private practice in Cape Town, using bodywork and mindfulness based interventions specifically with chronic pain, stress and trauma.

It was through her work as an holistic Physiotherapist that she saw the need for integration of mindfulness interventions in working with chronic pain.

She went on to do the MBSR programme. Mindfulness had a profound effect on her life and has been committed to her own personal meditation practice since 2008.

With this passion she continued to train as an MBSR facilitator and has been teaching MBSR since 2011.

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    You have such a great balance between you and a real ease with one another, that it contributed enormously to the space feeling so warm and comfortable.
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